Add "clang-format" project in Phabricator


Would anyone mind if I added a “clang-format” project tag into Phabricator so that we can mark all the clang-format reviews for easy retrieval?


I asked this question over in llvm-dev last month (probably the wrong list), and I’d like to proceed with this, however, #clang-format phabricator tag is being used in the clang-tools-extra project

as clang-format isn’t in the clang-tools-extra portion of the repo, users often tag clang-format revisions with just clang and they get lost for a couple of days, weeks until someone sees them.

as clang-tools-extra now has a lot of clang-tidy, clangd, clangdoc traffic and clang-format is more mature it feels like the clang-format items get lost in the noise (well I sometimes miss them)

If its ok with others I’d like to make a separate clang-format project in Phabricator and remove the #clang-format tag from #clang-tools-extra, I’d still encourage people to add both clang-format and clang-tools-extra tags to their review, but the separate clang-format tag would allow users to see and sort by specific tools areas.

If there are no objections I’d like to do this soon and begin adding clang-format issues into their own space (leaving the toolextra tag) so we can easily monitor just clang-format items?

(to me this would make sense for clang-tidy and clangd too to have their own separate projects but I don’t work in those areas so much,. so don’t want to interfere, but as I’m a Phabricator admin I’d be happy to help reorganise if others would like that)

Paul (MyDeveloperDay)

  • a couple more people working in this space

No objections from me.