Add Support For .bss Named Section Directive For Darwin Targets

Hi - I've attached a patch to make the assembly parser recognise the
.bss directive on Darwin targets as a switch to the (__DATA,__bss)
section. The ELF & COFF assembly parsers already recongnise the .bss
directive. I've added a test case for it too. Thanks -


bss.patch (1.65 KB)

Is this an extension to what cctools' assembler provides or a missing
feature in MC?

I believe it’s a feature missing in MC - line 539 adds support for the .bss directive if certain variables are defined, and mainline gas supports it on all ARM targets: . Supporting the directive on all Darwin targets could be considered an extension though. Thanks -


Thanks - how would I go about getting this committed?


I can commit it for you or you can apply for commit access.


Could you commit it? This is my first commit to LLVM so I’m not sure I need commit access yet. Thanks -