Adding a predefined preprocessor symbol __FLANG.

Vendors and users of classic flang may be interested in, which proposes replacing the predefined preprocessor macro __F18 with __FLANG. Classic flang also defines __FLANG.

As proposed, conditionally compiled code will not be able to distinguish one flang compiler from the other.

If you have an opinion, please contribute to the review.

  • Steve

Hi all

FYI - I have proposed that we make a clean break and treat LLVM Flang as a distinct new compiler from Classic Flang rather than as just a different version of Classic Flang.

I am proposing that LLVM Flang define:

#define flang 1

#define flang_major@LLVM_VERSION_MAJOR@”

#define flang_minor@LLVM_VERSION_MINOR@”

#define flang_patchlevel@LLVM_VERSION_PATCH@”


rather than __FLANG… (all caps) macros and remove __F18… macros.

Does anyone see an issue with this?