adding a test-case into LLVM test-suite

Dear All
I really need your help in this issue.
Now, I am working on analyzing LLVM test-suite.I have some questions about it.
The question is: Whether you have detail infomation on what each subdirectory of test-suite test.

Thank you !

Jun Luo
Software Engineer

Hi Jun,

Most of the tests are taken from outside and a quick Google search will give you plenty of information on what it is and what it’s testing.

If you can’t find it, feel free to come back and ask about a specific test, I’m sure there will be someone here who knows what it is. :wink:


I’m not sure if this is in the documentation, but the top-level directories split the tests into 3 categories: SingleSource: These are benchmark suites with programs that are a single source file. A lot of these are small functionality tests, IIRC. MultiSource: Larger benchmarks and programs are located here. MultiSource/Benchmarks has a directory for each set of benchmark suites, and MultiSource/Applications contains an application in each of its subdirectories. External: This directory contains Makefiles for compiling code that cannot be redistributed with the LLVM test suite. It can run SPEC, Namd, and a few other popular programs. You can figure out what most of the programs do by looking at their source code comments, README files, or by searching for them via Google as Renato suggested. Also, as Renato suggested, if you can’t find the information for a benchmark or program, just email llvmdev and ask. – John T.