Adding Flag Support in LLVM Backend


I need to introduce a new flag in llc command like llc -mV to control the vectorization. How can I achieve this??

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You can find plenty of examples (including in the vectorizer) if you
grep for cl::opt.
The docs are here:

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Thank you.
I want to define a flag -optt-enabled in llc so i wrote following line in llc.cpp:

static cl::opt
OPPT(“oppt-enabled”, cl::desc(“Enables Optimization”), cl::init(false));

Now i want to check its value in x86isellwering.cpp
there i wrote:

if (OPPT)

but getting the error

use of undeclared identifier ‘OPPT’

Could someone tell me where i am mistaken? what else do i need to define.

Your cl::opt definition seems correct but the definition from llc.cpp is not visible in X86ISelLowring.cpp. The general practice is to define the cl::opt variable in the file you want to use it in. So you could try moving the definition to X86ISelLowering.cpp.