adding msvcr100.dll interception support to compiler-rt ?

I've found that line 835:

"msvcr110.dll" //VS2012
"msvcr120.dll" //VS2013

interception is supported by commit 916b81 3 years ago ,
currently I'm build project with msvc100 , application will crash in
un-intercepted free. adding msvcr100.dll to this list makes sanitizer
working correctly , I wonder if compiler rt can including this
msvc100.dll support ?

We can certainly add msvcr100 to that list, but I should caution you that nobody is testing ASan with VS 2010.

At some point I would like to rewrite ASan’s heap interception to make it more robust, and it’s unlikely that I will test with VC CRTs older than 2015 because they drastically changed the deployment model in that version.

I went ahead and added it in r316929.

there were still large codebase binded to old vcrt due to VS IDE
upgrade compatible problem, keeping ASAN work with them makes
developer can run with much more production code. currently I'm using
ASAN with our software (3000+ cpp ), ASAN successfully find two nasty
bugs, which is very useful.

it is a little bit hard to use... but I'm afraid most people even do
not know ASAN already worked on windows.
WindowsPort wiki page on github seems out of date very much (it still
says C++ support is blocked? ) , didn't mention supported vs version
and dynamic/static (build with /MT only works with 2015+ because of a
printf family call if I remembered correctly) release/debug
version(old slide from llvm said it support debug version , but
actually not) and needs additional link libs for dll/exe (I found
this in github issue and I can only extract it from clang -v output),
I guess there'll be much more people to deploy it if windows document