adding multiple flavors to test suite

I have some test scripts I use for testing floating point interoperability between mips16 and mips32.

There are lots of combinations and there are subtle issues that make them slightly different and they need to all be tested.

For a very basic test, I have a program which has a sample function of all floating point signatures that are effected by this. Basically an ABI test for this.

This program is a multi source because the two modules can't know if the other is compiled with mips16 or mips32.

For this one test, there are 64 different combinations to test.

This is from

[little endian , big endian]
[file 1 compiled as mips16|mip32]
[file2 compiled as mips16|mips32]
[compiled as pic, static]
[linked as static, non static]
[compiled as one command or separate clang commands]
[soft float, hard float]

The tests run very quickly. They are really ABI tests.

There are some other tests beyond this basic ABI test that need to add.
There are some compile specific issues that I have also test for (i.e. intrinsics that enter into this,

I'm trying to think of the best way to integrate this into test suite.

There may be some additional multipliers later for other compiler options.

I'd prefer to have a script that I check in that does this all rather than create 64+ subdirectories
for all the different flavors.




These are Mips specific tests so someone not running test-suite for a Mips target will not be running these.