Adding Structured Exception Handling parsing to clang

I am planning to add parsing support for Windows Structured Exception
Handling to clang.
Parsing, AST support but *not* CodeGen.

SEH is covered by patent 5,628,016

I am not a lawyer but I assume that just parsing and AST support
doesn't violate that patent.

Is that ok?

By "parsing", you mean recognizing Microsoft's extended try/catch syntax? I'm pretty certain that's not patentable — well, who knows what you can get a patent office to grant, but I don't see anything in that patent which even tries to cover the syntax, and since it's basically exactly like a host of similar try/catch syntaxes, many of which predate SEH, we should be pretty well covered anyway.


Hi Francois,

I'm not allowed to read patents :), but I'm very comfortable taking the parsing and AST support into Clang mainline.


IIRC, the patent is about implementing C++ EH *using* SEH