advertisement: summer 2013 internship positions now available in Apple's compiler and language runtime teams

Hi all,

Apple's compiler and language runtime teams (covering the Clang frontend, LLVM backend, and the Objective-C runtime) are now looking for exceptional interns for summer 2013!

These are paid internships based onsite at Apple's main campus in Cupertino, California, USA.

Internships last ~3 months, with internships starting as early as next May.

During the internship, interns will work directly with members of Apple's compiler and language runtime teams as well as the LLVM open source community to help develop LLVM-based compilers, tools, and technologies with intern projects ranging the spectrum from low-level backend work to high-level frontend (language-level) tools.

All candidates should have strong C++ skills, with existing knowledge of LLVM and/or Clang a major plus. Specifically, the ideal candidate is someone who has some (although possibly very limited) experience working on one or more of the following LLVM areas/technologies and has contributed to the LLVM public repository:

- LLVM optimizer
- LLVM code generator
- Clang frontend
- Clang static analyzer

Internships are restricted to *students*. Students must be enrolling in school in the quarter/semester immediately following the internship. We are looking for candidates of all education levels, from Bachelors to Ph.D.

Applicants from outside the U.S.A. are welcome to apply as well!

If you are interested in applying, please email us a brief statement of interest (i.e., why you are interested in the internship) and attach your resume/CV in PDF or raw text form (no MS Word documents please). Please send applications to:

  group dot apple dot com