Agenda change for the Technical Community Call

We would like to change the agenda item for the next technical community call on 9/23.

We have an intern here, Anh (Tin) Huynh, who will be leaving soon. He’s been using f18 to connect IDEs to flang f18.

Abstract: Flangd is a language server that uses f18 to provide language features to an IDE. We will demonstrate flangd providing some IDE features with Visual Studio Code using f18 as the feature provider. Flangd currently interacts with f18 through the command line interface, but could be written to use f18 as libraries. (This wasn’t done due to time constraints.)

We plan to present this on the September 23rd call instead of the discussion about DWARF.

We ran this by Hal, and he’s OK with this change.

I’ve updated the Google Doc accordingly.

Thanks, and best regards,