ALF front end

Dear Sir,

I want to use alf front end by compiling ALF-LLVM (

I met a problem when I tried to install ALF-LLVM based on instructions:

# clone ALF-llvm
git clone [](
pushd ALF-llvm/tools

# [ALF-llvm/tools/] clone clang (C/C++ frontend)
git clone [](
cd clang

# [ALF-llvm/tools/clang/] synchronize with the llvm version (currently: release 3.2)
git checkout remotes/origin/release_32 -b release_32

After executing “git checkout remotes/origin/release_32 -b release_32”, I got follows as:

Branch release_32 set up to track remote branch release_32 from origin.
Switched to a new branch 'release_32'

I guess it is because the current version of LLVM is 3.5. How to solve this? I’m looking forward your reply.

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LLVM is not connected with ALF at all. You need to ask the authors,
not this list.

This seems correct. Have you done the same with LLVM's checkout?

If both are tracking release_32, just running CMake/configure on a
build directory should just work. But if Clang follows 3.2 and LLVM is
trunk, than it won't even build.