Alias Analysis - ModRefBehaviour


Is there a analysis pass which calculates the ModRefBehaviours
OnlyReadsPointerArguments and OnlyAccessesPointerArguments?

I tried to find one but so far I only saw that different AA's return
OnlyReadsMemory and DoesNotAccessMemory if the readonly and readnone
attributes are set.

Best regards and thanks in advance,


No, they're currently only provided by BasicAA for intrinsic functions (and a library call it knows about). I've thought about changing this (the proposal would essentially be to add a new function attribute or two and then add code to inter them), but I've not done any work on this yet.


Hey Hal,

thanks for the quick reply.

When do you think it will get implemented? I'd like to have that feature
sooner than later, thus I would help if needed, just let me know.