Allow reopening on Phabricator

From an unrelated thread:

… This will need to be fixed before we can commit the patch. Since Phabricator automatically closed, I’ve created a new revision. The attached diff is a very a slightly modified version of your original patch …

I have wanted to reopen a Phabricator revision too many times already, but couldn’t. I don’t know who the admin of is (CC’ing Chandler as my wild guess). Could we configure it so that revisions can be reopened?


Manuel is the one to CC.


If you can find out whether it’s possible with the latest phab, I can update our instance. says it’s possible (haven’t tried):

• Go to the config section, and chose the differential group.

• Find the option differential.allow-reopen

• Set value to “Enable reopen” and save config entry.


Thanks. Our instance does indeed already support this. Changed, should work now :smiley:

Yay :slight_smile: Thanks!