Always put jump tables in code section?

Jump tables (e.g. for dispatching in switch statements) currently
get emitted to a readonly data section, unless -fPIC is in effect
in which case they're emitted into the function's code section.
The code to figure this out (in AsmPrinter::EmitJumpTableInfo())
is not obvious, although commented, and has a FIXME for yet another
special case.

There is clear value to co-locating jump tables with the function
body for -fPIC. I am not so clear on the value of putting them
in a readonly data section in the non-PIC case. Would it be a
problem if they were always in the function code section? (And
for dead-stripping purposes, they should be within the bounds of
the function symbol, so they need to be emitted a little earlier
within AsmPrinter::EmitFunctionBody(). No point in having the
jump tables be their own atom, I think.)

Ping. My linker guys want this for dead-stripping.
I can make the change in our fork for our target but I'd rather
make it general, for all targets, if it makes sense.