ambiguous function call

Hi dear all,
I'm trying to compile GNU binutils-2.22 with clang , when compile the
gold cpmponent, clang report the following error,
/home/yushang/src/binutils-2.22/gold/ error: call to
'yyerror' is ambiguous
  yyerror (closurev, _("GOLD does not currently support INCLUDE directives"));
/home/yushang/src/binutils-2.22/gold/script-c.h:226:1: note: candidate function
yyerror(void* closure, const char*);
/home/yushang/src/binutils-2.22/gold/ note: candidate function
yyerror(void* closurev, const char* message)
if compile with gcc, it will be ok. I configured the binutils as follows:
~/src/binutils-2.22/configure \
CC=clang \
CXX=clang++ \
CFLAGS="-Wno-unused-value -Wno-string-plus-int -Wno-empty-body
-Wno-self-assign" \
CXXFLAGS="-Wno-mismatched-tags" \
--enable-gold=default \
--disable-nls \
Many thanks!!

Please file a bug report at , and attach preprocessed source.