An executable produced by clang can not be debugged with gdb under Windows

Hi All:

  I use Windows 7 32bit, and I build Clang 3.1 with MS VS2008.

  I use Clang to build "hello world" C program with MinGW32 4.7.0 by "clang.exe main.c -g -o main.exe".

  Then I use gdb 6.8 to debug my exe and I get this info:

    "DW_FORM_strp pointing outside of .debug_str section"

  I find bug report, but there is no solution.

  And bug repor refer to "clang r153589", how can I get this version.



I don't understand what you mean by "use Clang... with MinGW"? Clang
compiled with Visual Studio acts as a native windows compiler (msvc
replacement and targets MS ABI). Use the i386-pc-mingw32 triple to
tell Clang to use Mingw headers and ABI. If that doesn't help you
could try using MinGW 4.6 because I remember seeing other issues with
4.7. Hope this helps.