[analyzer] Could you please give a descriptions to some checker options?


Just a quick question, I’m planning to land https://reviews.llvm.org/D57855: “[analyzer][NFC] Reimplement checker options”, as it seems like there is a general consensus in the community that it’s looking great. However, some checker option descriptions are missing, and I couldn’t manage to figure them out on my own, could you help me with that please?

  • nullability:NoDiagnoseCallsToSystemHeaders
  • osx.cocoa.RetainCount:CheckOSObject
  • osx.cocoa.RetainCount:leak-diagnostics-reference-allocation
  • osx.cocoa.RetainCount:TrackNSCFStartParam


That’s what the comment says, i guess i can’t add much to it: 88 // If true, the checker will not diagnose nullabilility issues for calls 89 // to system headers. This option is motivated by the observation that large 90 // projects may have many nullability warnings. These projects may 91 // find warnings about nullability annotations that they have explicitly 92 // added themselves higher priority to fix than warnings on calls to system 93 // libraries. I.e., something like “”" Suppresses warnings for violating nullability annotations of system header functions. This is useful if you are concerned with your custom nullability annotations more than with following nullability specifications of system header functions. “”" “”" Find violations of retain-release rules applied to XNU OSObject instances. By default, the checker only checks retain-release rules for Objective-C NSObject instances and CoreFoundation objects. “”" This one was removed in r348637 :slight_smile: “”" Check not only that the code follows retain-release rules with respect to objects it allocates or borrows from elsewhere, but also that it fulfills its own retain count specification with respect to objects that it receives as arguments. “”"