Andersens analysis ?

Hi all,

I was trying to find the equivalent analysis of Andersens on LLVM.
I found it only on LLVM 2.6 on ‘Analysis/IPA’ folder.
Is it removed/renamed on later versions? I’m mostly interested in 3.4 version or later.

Thank you in advance,

The Anderson’s analysis has been removed. If you want Anderson’s analysis, you’ll need to use one of the points-to analysis passes developed by Ben Hardekopf. I believe newer versions of LLVM provide an alias analysis called CFL-AA. If you just need points-to analysis, you might try it out and see how it works. If you need a shape graph, you might need to use DSA located in the poolalloc project (it has been updated to work, though perhaps not very precisely, with LLVM 3.7). Regards, John Criswell