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I am a computer science undergrad student doing my 7th
semester B.Tech in computer science (equivalent to BS). I want to do a
project using LLVM compiler framework, which can be done alone in about
4 months.

Hi Anil,

Brian forwarded your mail to the llvmdev email list, which is a better
place to send these questions than to a specific person.

There are many interesting projects you can do in LLVM, so it really
depends on what your background is and where your interests lay. However,
we do have an "Open projects" page, which lists some starting points for


Also, I have a broad range of ideas for enhancements listed on my personal
page here:


If you provide more information, perhaps someone can give you some
concrete ideas.


If not, could me suggest me other project ideas related to
compilers and kernel projects that which can be done as major project
for my course, alone in this short period of time.

I would be very
grateful sir if you could help me.

Thanking You,


Anil C John
Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur
of Computer Science & Engineering
Kerala State



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LLVM Developers mailing list
LLVMdev@cs.uiuc.edu http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu



There are lots of interesting projects waiting in the wings. You should check Chris', Misha's, and my "developer pages". You can access all of them from here:


by just clicking on the name. If any of these projects interest you, please let us know. Otherwise you can also find us on the IRC channel (irc.oftc.net#llvm) so we can discuss.

We look forward to your involvement.


Brian R. Gaeke wrote:

Actually there is an Open Projects page listed in the Documentation
section. I'd also check this out.