[ANN] CodeLite 6.0 with LLDB support for OSX has been released


I am happy to announce that codelite IDE 6.0 with lldb support has been released
lldb support is enabled for OSX, Linux (most the distros that we support: Ubuntu 13.10, 14.04, Debian wheezy, FC and OpenSUSE) and Remote debugging on Windows machines with LLDB

This makes codelite one of the first IDEs that supports lldb out of the box and is open source

CodeLite’s home page (in case you missed it in my signature):

Thank you for your patience with my questions during the development of this plugin

codelite itself interacts with a wrapper executable around liblldb named “codelite-lldb”, the communication itself is done
over TCP/IP or Local socket (depends on the configuration) and using JSON for the protocol itself (you can think of codelite-lldb as gdbserver with a more human readable protocol)

Nice job, Eran!