[ANN] Hellogcc 2012 Workshop, Beijing, Nov. 10th

Hellogcc 2012 Workshop, Beijing, Nov. 10th

  HelloGcc 2012 Workshop calls for topic speakers. HelloGcc Working Group
was set up in 2007 by Chinese free software fans and developers in Beijing.
With the goal of constructing a free, open, sharing technical community,
we not only discuss and learn about GNU toolchains (such as GCC, GDB,
Binutils etc), QEMU and LLVM ... etc, provide helps on related study and
work, but also make our contributions to free software community.

  Every year, we hold a technical workshop in order to improve communication
among open source developers and fans. The activity will be held on Nov. 10th
this year. We're calling for topic speakers now. As soon as you prefer to give
a technical report, welcome to contact us. Topics includes, but not limited to,

  * Introduction on your original work, or the work of others.
  * Researching work or engineering work.
  * Code explanation and program demonstration.

  We need to get the speaker's slides ahead of time and post it on the Internet,
with author's approval. It's better if you intend to provide the text of articles,
of course. The whole activity is free. We hope to get some sponsorship to be used
as the reward of speakers and the support of the community development. Please
send mail to following address below if you have any questions on this workshop:



  Topics in HelloGCC 2011 Workshop

    * Introduction to GCC Backend
    * GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors
    * Displaced stepping and its implementation for Thumb-2.
    * Performance of binary translation between TCG and LLVM.
    * The new era of GCC: Plugin

  Topics in HelloGcc 2010 Workshop

    * Memory management mechanism and optimization
    * Discussion on debugger's breakpoint mechanism
    * Bintuils porting to embedded CPU
    * Implementation and discussion on visualization of GCC
    * How To Port GNU ToolChain
    * Demo of Linux Kernel GDB tracepoint module

  Topics in HelloGcc 2009 Workshop.

    * Analyze and improve the program's data locality with GCC
    * GCC Internals and Porting
    * gdbproxy: An open source GDB stub for Blackfin
    * GDB reverse debug and process record and replay target

You can find us on

  * blog: http://www.hellogcc.org
  * mail list: http://www.freelists.org/archive/hellogcc
  * irc: #hellogcc on freenode