[ANN] llvmlite 0.13.0


We are happy to release version 0.13.0 of llvmlite. llvmlite is a
light-weight Python binding for LLVM (compatible with Python 2.7 as
well as Python 3.4 and later). It stems from the needs of the Numba
community and is geared towards creating JIT compilers.

llvmlite is available both as source code and as binaries for a number
of platforms. Source code is available on PyPI and Github:

Official binaries for Linux, Windows and OS X are linked with LLVM
3.8.1. They are available through the anaconda.org service and can be
downloaded using Continuum's open source package manager "Conda".

("conda update -c numba llvmlite" or "conda install -c numba llvmlite").

Documentation is at http://llvmlite.pydata.org/en/latest/

This new version supports LLVM 3.8 and features the following
fixes and enhancements.


* PR #176: Switch from LLVM 3.7 to LLVM 3.8.
* PR #191: Allow setting the alignment of a global variable.
* PR #198: Add missing function attributes.
* PR #160: Escape the contents of metadata strings, to allow embedding
  any characters.
* PR #162: Add support for creating debug information nodes.
* PR #200: Improve the usability of metadata emission APIs.
* PR #200: Allow calling functions with metadata arguments
  (such as ``@llvm.dbg.declare``).


* PR #190: Suppress optimization remarks printed out in some cases by
* PR #200: Allow attaching metadata to a ``ret`` instruction.