announce one more clang-tidy gui; cppcheck gui


There is now one more GUI for clang-tidy; the Cppcheck GUI.

I think these are the most interesting features for clang-tidy users:
* It is a free open source (GPL) cross platform GUI
* It has Visual Studio import => you can run clang-tidy on your
Visual Studio solutions (possible even in Linux)
   - this can be used for qmake,cmake,etc projects
* the plan is to integrate other tools also later, for instance clang analyzer.

Some screenshots (running clang-tidy on visual studio solutions/projects):

Main webpage:

The Cppcheck GUI was originally designed for Cppcheck only. But I
think that it is more useful as a multi-tool GUI. If you think that
something is missing in the clang-tidy handling please let me know.
Don't hesitate to give me general suggestions about the GUI.

Best regards,
Daniel Marjamäki