[ANNOUNCE] Planet Clang

I'm writing to announce Planet Clang! http://planet.clang.org

Planet Clang is a window into the world, work and lives of Clang and LLVM developers, contributors and the standards they implement.

The news feed follows blog posts by Clang and LLVM committers, active patch contributors, testers, release engineers, distribution packagers, infrastructure maintainers and LLVM sub-projects, pulled on the hour, every hour.

There's also a selection of guest feeds including the LLVM Weekly newsletter and ISO C++ blog. Third-party additions are subject to relevance and publisher notification.

To get your own voice or that of your team added to the Planet, just send through your full RSS feed link and llvm.org SVN committer identity if you have one by email to: planet@clang.org

As a next step we'll be looking to transition the author manifest to SVN so that editorial decisions can be made through the standard LLVM patch review procedure.

Thanks to everyone who requested and nudged for this, and to those putting in the work to make it happen in alignment with llvm.org over the holidays!


Thanks for spearheading this; it's great to see!