[Announcement] LLVM 3.4 Has Branched!

We have officially branched for the LLVM 3.4 release!!

This means that we are now in the middle of a feature freeze. Here’s what will happen over the next several weeks:

* Nov 19 - Nov 24: This is Phase I testing. During this time, you are still able to add code to the release branch. However, you will need to have the approval of the code owner before committing it. We are mostly looking for bug fixes right now. However, if you have a feature that you need to finish up, you can finish it up. BUT there are to be no new features!

* Nov 25 - Dec 1: Any bugs found during Phase I will be fixed during this week. Binaries produced by the testers should be used to test your own projects.

* Dec 2 - Dec 8: Phase II testing begins. All planned code changes should be completed.

* Dec 9 - Dec 15: Phase II bug fixing. Only major regressions will be fixed during this time. There will be absolutely no other changes accepted. Any changes require our testers to retest the code.

* Dec 16 - Dec 22: Final binaries are generated.

* Dec 23 (estimate): Release date.

There are two development weeks left to finish up your code. But the sooner you can complete your features the better. :slight_smile:

Share and enjoy!


Seems release_34 is orphan in llvm.git and clang.git. Could you tweak them?

Seems release_34 is orphan in llvm.git and clang.git. Could you tweak them?

They will be created as soon as there will be commits to them.

In particular, by now they are alive.

Although release_34(s) Exist,
They cannot share root.

Could you recreate them manually?

Should be there

Both of them got fine, thanks!