[Announcement] LLVM 3.4

Hello LLVMers!

It’s that time of year for a new release of LLVM! Time sure has flown. It seems like only 4 months ago we released LLVM 3.3. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is the current plan of action:

  • We will branch on Monday, November 18th at 7PM PST (November 19th at 3AM GMT).
  • This gives us a tentative release date of December 23rd…Just in time for Christmas! :slight_smile:

I’m scheduling it for the 18th to give developers time to recover from the LLVM Developers Conference, and submit any changes that crop up as a result.

What this means for you:

  • Please keep the tree healthy!
  • No, really, keep the tree healthy. Both Santa and I will be watching you.
  • Finish up your new features as soon as you can. The more “bake time” before we branch the better.
  • UPDATE THE ReleaseNotes.rst FILES!!!
  • Go through the bug reports and mark any that are severe as “release blockers” and CC me on them (isanbard@gmail.com).
  • There is no item 6!
  • If you have a project that uses LLVM and would like it to be in the release notes, please add it.

We have a tight schedule, and because of the upcoming holiday season, it’s going to be that much more difficult. But I’m confident that our wonderful phalanx of testers will do a great job, because they are awesome!

Share and enjoy!