Announcing Clang Built Linux Meetup II turbo

(bcc llvm-dev, linux-toolchains)

Hey all,
Following the success of our in person 2020 meetup, we'd like
to hold another; this time virtually due to the circumstances.

We're planning a one day meeting to discuss any and all things related
to building the Linux kernel with Clang (and LLVM), before heading
into Linux Plumbers Conf 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference 2021 (20-24 September 2021): LPC 2021 - Overview · Indico
the next week. Perhaps a good place to practice a talk for Plumbers,
or for topics maybe more specific than would be appropriate at

See also slides from our event last year for ideas of
subject matter and target audience (ie. a mix of kernel developers,
compiler devs, folks who understand one or the other, perhaps both; in
my case, neither).


Friday September 17 2021; times to be determined.

Call For Papers (CFP)

Please file an issue at with a
proposal. The CFP deadline is Friday September 10; one week before the
conference. We will add a schedule here with accepted talks.


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email updates, or "watch" this repo on GitHub at

(We'll also be holding a "distributors conf" the day before, checkout
out [llvm-dev] Announcing LLVM Distributors Conf 2021)
Please feel free to forward this announcement to folks I might have missed!