Announcing: LLVM 2.9 Tentative Release Schedule

Hello LLVMers!

Amazingly, it's been 4 months since the release of LLVM 2.8. And so much has changed since then! April will be six months since the previous release, so it's time to start thinking about LLVM 2.9!

Here is a tentative schedule for the release (and, of course, our schedules never slip):

  March 6th - Branch for release.
  March 7th-14th - Testing Phase 1
  March 14th-21st - Preparation for Phase 2 (fixing bugs, merging patches)
  March 21st-28th - Testing Phase 2
  March 28th-April 3rd - Preparation for release
  April 3rd - Release

So there are roughly three weeks to finish off any new features for LLVM 2.9. After Phase 1 starts, no new features will be accepted. After Phase 2 starts, all new features must be completed; only critical bug fixes will be accepted after Phase 2.

As we get closer towards March 6th, I'll send out further announcements warning people of the impending branching and further outlining our patch-acceptance policy.

Please let me know if you have any comments or concerns about this schedule.

Share and enjoy!

Will MC path for JNI be included in 2.9?


Sorry. I meant: Will MC path for JIT be included in 2.9?

While it would be nice, it doesn't seem like anyone is working on it at the moment.


What about this:

That doesn't sound stable enough for a release...

I have been working on my own stuff this month. This is still not the "proper"
solution that has been proposed for MCJIT. I posted some patches a few weeks
ago, but since there was no response I continued to work anyway. I decided to
try and reuse the ELF code emission as much as possible to be able to run gdb
on the generated code. By refactoring the code for MCELFStreamer and
ELFObjectWriter I am now able to generate code in memory and the code can be
executed and debugged with dgb. With a bit more cleanup I believe it is
possible to get a "JIT" (it generates code for a whole module) with just a few
hundred lines of code. I'm not sure if this is what people want in general but
it works for my application.

- Jan

Just a reminder:

The deadline for "new features" is coming up (i.e., the date of the 2.9 branch). After branching, there will still be time to finish up features that are near complete. That said, a longer "bake-time" for new features is preferred. And at this point, it is probably up to the various maintainers to approve or reject them.

If it's possible to turn a new feature off, that's a definite bonus. :slight_smile: Because we can then determine if we want it on or off by default without affecting the 2.9 release timeframe.


I can certainly start subitting patches to refactor some of the code. For
example splitting .cpp files into .h and .cpp for classes that are needed. I
don't know if it will go into 2.9 or not.

- Jan