Announcing: LLVM 3.0 Branch in One Week

Hi developers!

This is to announce that LLVM 3.0 will be branching in one week at:

07:00:00 p.m. Friday October 14, 2011 PST
02:00:00 a.m. Saturday October 15, 2011 GMT

What this means for you?

Please get any last minute changes to your 3.0 features into the tree as soon as possible. Keep a very close eye on the build bots and the nightly tests. Please fix any regressions as quickly as possible. Now would be a good time to go through the LLVM bug database ( to see if there are any regressions from 2.9 reported, or easy bugs, which you can fix in a short amount of time.

Please refrain from starting new features, unless they can be turned off via a flag. Exception can always be made, but now isn’t the time to submit that major new X86 rewrite into the tree. That’s what 3.1 is for. :slight_smile: When in doubt, use your better judgement. When that’s in doubt, ask the code owners (

Share and enjoy!