Announcing: LLVM 3.0 Tentative Schedule

The six month release time table is coming up soon, which means that it’s ready to start planning for the next release! Here is the tentative schedule:

October 14th – Create 3.0 Branch
October 16th – First Round of Testing Starts
October 23rd – First Round of Testing Ends / Bug Fixing Begins
October 30th – Second Round of Testing Starts
November 6th – Second Round of Testing Ends / Bug Fixing Begins
November 13th – Finalization of Binaries
November 16th – Release

There will need to be a third round of testing if the second round of testing reveals any bugs or regressions. This could delay the release.

As we announced for 2.9, llvm-gcc will not be released for 3.0. We will be releasing clang and dragonegg binaries and sources only.

What this means for you:

All features should be finished (or nearly finished) by October 14th. As usual, no new features will be accepted after that date. All features must be completed before October 30th. Any which are not will be turned off for the release. So please make sure that if you start a feature before October 14th, you will be able to finish it before October 30th. :slight_smile:

I will send out an announcement before the branch creation to warn people.

Call for Testers:

We would like to have more testers! If you are willing to be a tester, please let me know! :slight_smile: