Announcing LLVM snapshot builds for Fedora Linux

Dear LLVM users and developers,

if you are a Fedora Linux user, then we have some good news for you:

We are beginning to build nightly snapshot packages of LLVM for the latest versions of
Fedora Linux (currently 34, 35 and rawhide) for a growing list of architectures.

You can grab them here:

Feel free to enable the copr repository with

$ dnf copr enable @fedora-llvm-team/llvm-snapshots

and then install the i.e. latest clang with

$ dnf install clang

Beware, that a snapshot release of LLVM is probably more unstable than a regular release! If you run into a problem, I would kindly ask you to wait and try it again with the next snapshot.

We hope you enjoy this peek into the next version of LLVM that you can now try
without too much hassle and without compiling it every day on your own.


  • Konrad Kleine