Announcing the 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers' Meeting Program!

I am pleased to announce the 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers’ Meeting program! Registration will be opening this week and an announcement will be sent to the mailing lists and posted on the webpage. You can also follow on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Undef and Poison: Present and Future - J. Lee

Technical Talks:

  • Clang & Linux: Asm Goto with Outputs - B. Wendling; N. Desaulniers
  • LLVM Libc: Current Status, Challenges and Future Plans - S. Reddy; G. Chatelet; P. Asker; D. Finkelstein
  • Branch Coverage: Squeezing more out of LLVM Source-based Code Coverage - A. Phipps
  • Memory tagging in LLVM and Android - E. Stepanov; K. Serebryany; P. Collingbourne; M. Phillips
  • Towards a representation of arbitrary alias graph in LLVM IR for Fortran code - K. Li; T. Islam
  • Control-flow sensitive escape analysis in Falcon JIT - A. Pilipenko
  • Extending Clang for checking compliance with automotive coding standards - M. Vujosevic Janicic
  • An Update on Optimizing Multiple Exit Loops - P. Reames
  • Code Size Compiler Optimizations and Techniques - A. Kumar
  • Accelerate Matrix Multiplication Using the New POWER Outer Product Instructions - B. Saleil; J. Carvalho
  • CIL : Common MLIR Dialect for C/C++ and Fortran - P. NR; V. M; Ranjith; Srihari
  • Building compiler extension for LLVM 10.0.1 - S. Guelton
  • LLVM-based mutation testing for C and C++ - A. Denisov; S. Pankevich
  • Matrix Support in Clang and LLVM - F. Hahn
  • Adding CUDA® Support to Cling: JIT Compile to GPUs - S. Ehrig
  • The Present and Future of Interprocedural Optimization in LLVM - J. Doerfert; B. Homerding; S. Baziotis; S. Stipanovic; H. Ueno; K. Dinel; S. Okumura; L. Chen
  • Pushing Back Lit’s Boundaries to Test Libc++ - L. Dionne
  • Evolving “convergent”: Lessons from Control Flow in AMDGPU - N. Hähnle
  • How to update debug info in compiler transformations - A. Prantl; V. Kumar
  • Proposal for A Framework for More Effective Loop Optimizations - M. Kruse; H. Finkel
  • Changing Everything With Clang Plugins: A Story About Syntax Extensions, Clang’s AST, and Quantum Computing - H. Finkel; A. Mccaskey
  • (OpenMP) Parallelism-Aware Optimizations - J. Doerfert; S. Stipanovic; H. Mosquera; J. Chesterfield; G. Georgakoudis; J. Huber
  • Checked C: Adding memory safety support to LLVM - M. Grang; K. Kjeer


  • Everything I know about debugging LLVM - N. Desaulniers
  • LLVM in a Bare Metal Environment - H. Qadeer
  • PGO: Add per-callsite counters - P. Kosov; Y. Sergey
  • Understanding Changes made by a Pass in the Opt Pipeline. - J. Schmeiser
  • Using clang-tidy for customized checkers and large scale source tree refactoring - V. Bridgers
  • Finding Your Way Around the LLVM Dependence Analysis Zoo - S. Baziotis; S. Moll
  • Using the clang static analyzer to find bugs - V. Bridgers
  • A Deep Dive into the Interprocedural Optimization Infrastructure - J. Doerfert; B. Homerding; S. Baziotis; S. Stipanovic; H. Ueno; K. Dinel; S. Okumura; L. Chen
  • MLIR Tutorial - M. Amini

Lightning Talks:

  • Finding and Outlining Similarities in LLVM IR - A. Litteken
  • A fast algorithm for global code motion of congruent instructions - A. Kumar; S. Pop
  • From Implicit Pass Dependencies to Effectiveness Prediction - H. Ueno; J. Doerfert; E. Park; G. Georgakoudis; T. Jayatilaka; S. Badruswamy
  • Using Clang as An Alternative C/C++ Frontend of The ROSE Source-to-Source Compiler - A. Wang; P. Lin; C. Liao; Y. Yan
  • OpenACC support in Flang with a MLIR dialect - V. Clement; J. Vetter
  • Fragmenting the DWARF to Enable Dead Debug Data Elimination - J. Henderson
  • Source-based Code Coverage for Embedded Use Cases - A. Phipps; C. Addison
  • pre-merge checks for LLVM - M. Goncharov; C. Kühnel
  • Getting stack size just right on XCore - J. McCrea
  • Compile Faster with the Program Repository and ccache - Y. Yi; P. Bowen-Huggett
  • GWP-TSan: Zero-Cost Detection of Data Races in Production - M. Morehouse; K. Serebryany
  • CompilerInvocation to -cc1 command line - D. Grumberg
  • Outer-Loop Vectorization Legality Analysis for RV: One Step Closer to a Powerful Vectorizer for LLVM - S. Baziotis
  • Flang Update - S. Scalpone
  • Code Feature Analysis, Tracking, and Future Usage - T. Jayatilaka; J. Doerfert; G. Georgakoudis; E. Park; H. Ueno; S. Badruswamy
  • Lowering XLA HLO using RISE - A Functional Pattern-based MLIR Dialect - M. Lücke; A. Smith; M. Steuwer
  • SYCL for CUDA: An overview of implementing PI for CUDA - A. Johnston
  • Extending LLDB to More Scripting Languages - J. Devlieghere
  • Adding a Subtarget Support to LLVM in Five Minutes - E. Yakubova

Birds of a Feather:

  • ClangBuiltLinux BoF - N. Desaulniers
  • Loop Optimization BoF - M. Kruse; K. Barton
  • LLVM Just-In-Time Compilers BoF - L. Hames
  • Code Size Optimization - S. Bartell; V. Adve

Student Research Competition

  • Enzyme: High-Performance Automatic Differentiation of LLVM - W. Moses; V. Churavy
  • SPAM: Stateless Permutation of Application Memory with LLVM - M. Ziad; M. Arroyo; S. Sethumadhavan
  • HPVM-FPGFA: Leveraging Compiler Optimizations for Hardware-Agnostic FPGA Programming - A. Ejjeh; K. Kanwar; M. Kotsifakou; V. Adve; R. Rutenbar
  • Guided Linking: shrinking and speeding up dynamically linked code - S. Bartell; V. Adve
  • ApproxTuner: A Compiler and Runtime System for Adaptive Approximations - H. Sharif; M. Kotsifakou; Y. Zhao; A. Kothari; B. Schreiber; E. Wang; Y. Sarita; N. Zhao; K. Joshi; V. Adve; S. Misailovic; S. Adve


  • CIRCT: MLIR for Hardware Design - S. Neuendorffer; C. Lattner; A. Wilson
  • An Approach to Generate Correctly Rounded Math Libraries for New Floating Point Variants - J. Lim; M. Aanjaneya; J. Gustafson; S. Nagarakatte
  • Compiling a Higher-Order Smart Contract Language to LLVM - V. Nagaraj; J. Johannsen; A. Trunov; G. Pirlea; A. Kumar; I. Sergey
  • To -jInfinity & Beyond - W. Moses; K. Kwok; L. Sha
  • llvm-diva – Debug Information Visual Analyzer - C. Enciso
  • Quickly Finding RISC-V Code Quality Issues with Differential Analysis - L. Marques
  • Error estimates of floating-point numbers and Jacobian matrix computation in Clad - V. Vassilev; A. Penev; R. Shakhov
  • Data Dependency using MSSA: Analysis and Contrast - R. Sharma
  • Connecting Clang to The ROSE Source-to-Source Compiler - A. Wang; P. Lin; C. Liao; Y. Yan
  • Incremental Compilation Support in Clang - V. Vassilevv; D. Lange