Another Pass Manager Assertion

Dear All,

The attached code (which is a contrived test case) hits the following

AnalysisType& llvm::Pass::getAnalysisID(const llvm::PassInfo*,
llvm::Function&) [with AnalysisType = Pass1]: Assertion `ResultPass &&
"getAnalysis*() called on an analysis that was not " "'required' by
pass!"' failed.

Does anyone see anything wrong with my use of the pass manager
interface? As far as I can tell, the code looks correct.

-- John T.

test.cpp (1.26 KB)

Your pass manager interface is OK.

You are requesting PassManager to make a Function level analysis pass (Pass1) available to Module level transformation pass (BottomPass). In real life you could use it to request Dominator information for a module level pass. This is supported and it works. The reason it fails for your test case is that the function "main" is just a declaration. There is no analysis info to generate.

If you add a "main" function body in your module then it should work. Or you should check whether F.isDeclaration() is true or not before invoking getAnalysis<Pass1>(F);

I agree, the assertion message is not very helpful here.

Devang Patel wrote:


Thanks!. I didn't realize that functions needed bodies in order to pull up their analysis information.

-- John T.