another question

when i change the OBJ_ROOT and recompile the llvm, it's successful.
but run following test, then the error occues:

Dear Yue,

  I haven't been able to reproduce the error that you've gotten here.

  Two questions:

  1. Did you clean out the source tree before creating the new object tree (i.e. does the source tree have Debug directories, Output directories)? If these directories are not gone, then the LLVM build might use them.

  2. Have you tried not using the -C option of gmake? It seems to work for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if our Makefiles don't handle it properly.

  3. Can you email us a copy of your Makefile.config?


-- John T.

yue wrote:

Dear Yue,

  I've managed to reproduce this problem.
  Make sure that the LLVM GCC front end is installed and that LLVMGCCDIR in BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/Makefile.config points to it as described the LLVM Getting Started Guide (

  The LLVM GCC front end can be downloaded from the same page in which you downloaded LLVM (llvm.tar.gz).


John T. Criswell

yue wrote: