Any available projects for JIT

I’m a gsoc contributor for GNU, and my goal is to get into open source projects for LLVM/Clang, and other compiler toolchains. Was wondering if there are any available projects with a mentor/mentee pairing?

Hi @Vedant23,
I’m currently extending JITLink AArch32 backend, if interested I would happily help you navigate around.

Hello @Eymay thanks for responding, and I appreciate the invite to collaborate in the project, I would interested in working on this :slight_smile: if there are available resources to get started with would be of great help!

Check out this comprehensive talk from @weliveindetail for AArch32 backend 2023 EuroLLVM - Extending the AArch32 JITlink backend

It’s a good idea to read docs about JITLink and ORC. You can ping me if you have any issues.

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