Any places I could start contributing to?

Hello everyone,
I've been using LLVM for quite some time now (for writing my own toy
compilers) and I've been following this mailing list for the last few

I would like to start making contributions to the project. I have no
particular area of interest right now (in the sense that I find pretty
much all of LLVM fascinating). Are there any known low hanging fruit
that I could tackle to get my feet wet?

—Theodoros Chatzigiannakis

An Open Projects list is ‘maintained’ (people put stuff on it then forget about it for a few years… ) here:

Also, from my own experience, bugs are a great place to start - though it can be hard to judge which ones are the easy/low hanging fruit.

I recall that at LLVM Developers' Meeting 2016's BoF session "Raising
Next Generation of LLVM Developers," there was some discussion of
adding a "starter" keyword to LLVM Bugzilla. [1] Does anyone know who
has permissions to add such a label to the list?

Anecdotally, I found it very easy to contribute to Apple's Swift
project, thanks to the fact that their JIRA instance at
has a "StarterBug" label. As a new contributor, I could narrow my bug
search using this label. Not all of bugs were as easy as the reporter
claimed, but it did help me avoid starting to work on intractable
problems. I think a similar label in LLVM Bugzilla would be great. :slight_smile:


- Brian Gesiak