Anyone build on Windows using CMake/VC11 recently?

I got a fresh copy of source this afternoon and followed the directions for using CMake listed at (except for generating VS11 projects) and ran into many errors (although, most of them were not in the clang libraries).

Has anyone else tried this recently? Should I bother gathering a list of errors?

The MSVC 2012 compiler should work fine. I use it as well as others. I don’t know if the CMake Visual Studio project generator works for LLVM and VC11, though. Maybe someone else does.

It was working fine a couple days ago, last time I updated to ToT.

I used CMake to create Visual Studio 10 projects today to see if there was a difference and got a lot of the same errors. Should I list them all out in this thread or make one thread per project (i.e. llvm, clang, compiler-rt, etc…) or one thread per issue? For one not unique to the clang project, should I ping the llvm list instead?

There’s probably only a handful of root causes. I would start with a small utility target/project such as “not”, strings, FileCheck, and TableGen, and see if they build. Build bigger and bigger targets (llc, opt, clang) until you have an error and then try to diagnose it. Ask on llvm-dev if you can’t sort it out.