Apple Xcode, LLVM, and automatic (or permanent) breakpoints

Hi All,

Please forgive me if this is the wrong group. I did not see a
llvm-user group (). The User Guide also lacked a topic

I am an Xcode user. I want to set a breakpoint on malloc_error_break
all the time (it makes no sense to re-run after setting the breakpoint
on occasion). I want the breakpoint whenever the debugger starts, and
for all projects (even projects that have not been created).

Under GDB, I could probably do this via '.gdbinit.' It does not appear
LLVM has the same as a search turned up no results (please correct me

How can one set a permanent breakpoint on malloc_error_break under LLVM?

Thanks in advance,

Take a look at for LLDB documentation. If you
have further questions, this isn't really the best place to ask; the
Xcode section of is generally best for
Xcode questions; you can also try the lldb-dev mailing list for
questions about lldb.


Thanks Eli. Since you did not answer, can I assume there is no easy
way to do this (as a dev, I would expect folks like you to know).


Ah, shit. The proper search terms do wonders. Thanks.