apt.llvm.org has the wrong binaries/headers for llvm-toolchain-xenial-7

It appears that there was an out-of-band patch from Samuel Thibault:


Although the patch was approved here https://reviews.llvm.org/D54378

Is this patch going to land in 7.0.1 or 8?


For trunk (and therefore 8), looks like it was approved, and it's just waiting for someone with commit rights to merge it.

Probably won't be merged to 7.0.1, since it's a new feature.


It was merged as a debian-specific patch to apt.llvm.org in

I worked around the issue downstream, by not depending on a consistent
value for Triple::LastOSType. So I would consider the issue resolved,
although I would mention that I consider it unwise to make API breaking
changes to bugfix versions.

That said, we're all open-source developers here, and software is
provided without any warranty, yadda yadda, so, at the end of the day,
thanks everyone, and warm regards.




FWIW, I just landed it (it depended on the related Clang commit which took
longer to review and the LLVMSupport change would be pointless without it
so I held off doing anything). The small LLVMSupport patch went in in
347832 and the bigger Clang patch in subsequent 347833.

The LLVM patch is fine on its own to merge into 7.0.1 but that's up to Tom
since he handles that. That would avoid the regression without merging the
more complicated Clang patch.

Anyway just figured I'd mention it, not really sure what the best course
of action is.

- Kristina

I personally no longer am calling for action. I think status quo is OK.
However I would humbly request that Debian (and apt.llvm.org) please
consider, in the future, to not add patches that change the public API
of official LLVM releases.