apt.llvm.org: Ubuntu Trusty update rate

Hello all,
  For CI testing of LDC with LLVM trunk we use CircleCI, which offers
Ubuntu Trusty 14.04. We use apt.llvm.org, but the latest update of the
"nightly" package is now more than a month ago. Previously the update
rate was once a week, which was OK as it meant that we only had a few
days of test breakage after an API change (and after a dev updated LDC
to build with a locally built LLVM trunk).

Is the current long update period just accidental, or should we no
longer expect a recent version of LLVM trunk for Ubuntu Trusty on

Thanks for the info!

  • Sylvestre, I think he’s maintaining this.


Interesting coincidence. I fixed the issue earlier today (but still needs a rebuild).

This was caused by the fact that we enabled the ocaml binding and this required a backport of lib ocaml ctype to trusty.

Should be available Sunday or Monday.


Hi Sylvestre,
The Ubuntu Trusty package on apt.llvm.org is approaching one month old, something broken again?

(LDC’s CI testing is stuck on ubuntu 14, because TravisCI doesn’t providing something newer)

Thanks a lot for checking,


Yes, this is caused by:

I just took the time to report it!


Should be fixed in r308287.