Archive file test problem


I’ve come across a potential problem with:


Line 7: # RUN: llvm-ar rcs %t.a %t2 %t3 %t4

This line is not preceded by a delete of the target archive %t.a. Therefore, if for some reason this archive is corrupted, perhaps by a previous test run, then the test will fail.

I suggest that an ‘rm -f %t.a’ should be added to this and all similar lit tests calling llvm-ar with the ‘r’ command line flag. A similar file delete is used later in the same test before a call to llvm-ar.

I’m not quite sure of the correct way to file a potential bug against a test in bugzilla. This problem may be present in other lit tests.



Hi Chris,

I’d consider the test to be part of the lld component, so if you need to file a bug report about this, I’d file it against the lld component.




Thank you for reporting! I’ve added an rm in r336366.