Arguments to setLatencyPolicy calls swapped by accident in ConvergingScheduler::checkResourceLimits?


In ConvergingScheduler::checkResourceLimits on line 1535 of MachineScheduler.cpp setLatencyPolicy is called as follows:

   // Set ReduceLatency to true if needed.

So the Bot scheduling boundary is used to set the latency policy of the Top candidate and the other way around.

I think this should be:

   // Set ReduceLatency to true if needed.

or not?


Yes, it's as simple as it looks. That was a typo in my last round of cleanup: r170452. Fixed in r172224.

Given the interaction between so many heuristics, I haven't figured out how to create unit tests. But I was planning to look at the performance data from that pre-vacation checkin today. So you just saved me some time. Thanks.