ARM backend failures from (gcc) c torture suite

I wrote a few scripts to run llvm/arm against the gnu c torture test suite
which consists of over 900 smallish tests.

There were quite a few failures with llvm/arm which I hereby want to
report (see attached
tarball for the actual failing testsc).

Most of the failures are related to vararg/stdarg.
I think I saw a bug files for this but cannot find it anymore.
Is somebody on this?

Finally, I would like to check in the scripts mentioned above.
What would be a good place for them? "utils/" ?

torture_test_failure.tgz (7.86 KB)

I don't have a target in front of me to run these tests at the moment,
but walking manually through va-arg-1.c, it's pretty clear that
there's some disconnect between the register spilling that happens in
LowerFORMAL_ARGUMENTS and what happens in LowerVASTART in


I have run the torture test again svn head rev 76522 (2009/07/20) there are now
2 compilation and 23 runtime failure. A tarball with reproducers is attached.
Most problems are still vargs related.


bad.tgz (7.03 KB)

Can you file a bug? Thanks.


Just filed bugs for this and a new rather severe one involving address arithmetic.

Thanks. Can you attach the tar file to pr4635? Also, are they failing with armv6? Thumb?