Arm HPC Workshop - 12/13th Dec - Tokyo

Hi all,

For all those interested in HPC on Arm, come and attend the Linaro Arm
HPC Workshop on 12-13th Dec 2017 in Tokyo. How does the Arm-Powered
supercomputing future look and how can you prepare for it? The Arm HPC
Workshop will bring together the leading Arm vendors, end users and
the open source development community in Tokyo, to discuss the latest
products, developments and open source software support.

Registration is free, but this is the first edition, so places are limited.

The call for papers is out:

and the key topics we're looking for are:

+ Compilers including GCC, LLVM; C++, Fortran; optimisations,
benchmarking and general support
+ Math Libraries
+ Orchestration
+ Machine Learning

While we're obviously looking for compilers, libraries and
orchestration around Arm, machine learning and other future topics can
(and probably will) involve other technologies.