ARM JIT support status?


I am a little unclear about the ARM JIT support status. Is it working
as of LLVM 3.1? If not, is it on the roadmap for LLVM 3.2?
I am not currently interested in NEON support so if thats
unimplemented, thats fine.


The only reference that I found so far here:
The presenter states that the ARM JIT support is broken.
But this is about 10 months old.
Is the ARM JIT support still broken? Am I not looking at the right
places in the documentation?
Help will be appreciated.


Hi Rahul,

I believe that ARM support is working in the MCJIT engine (as of llvm 3.1). If it wasn't working in the legacy JIT engine 10 months ago then it probably still isn't.


Thanks! Good to know its working in 3.1!