ARM struct byval size > 64 triggers failure

Yes, its soft-float, below is verbose of my command,

Thought so. Any reason to use ARMv4T triple? I don't think you're trying to
install Linux on an ARM7TDMI, are you? :wink:

This look like the default if you just specify "arm" as your triple. We
need to get that fixed to some sane value (default to v7?), but that's
another story.

One query here, "public interface" in AAPCS doc meant for global functions ?

I do believe so, yes. ARM folks can consult with the ABI gurus and come
back to you with certainty, though.

Anything is fine, Could you share bug id if you have.

I don't think there is any, so far. Can you create a bug with all the nice
information you posted on the list, including compilation command line and
platform assumptions, and post back on this thread the bug ID, please? I'm
sure it won't be a hard bug to fix.