ARM struct byval size > 64 triggers failure

Hi All,

I tested earlier with llvm svn 3.3 release source.

Today I built and tested again with svn trunk, I also got “ldr r1, [r11, #80]”, which solves the failure.

Thanks for all comments.

It seems similar issue, fixed already.

I have few queries, Just to get my understandings better. Could you please comment on these,

  • “since ABI says the stack pointer needs to be 8 byte aligned at function entry point” (taken from Manman’s reply)

What will be considered as entry point here?

Is it place of SP Adjustments “sub sp, sp, #16
(Or) Is it place of first user instruction(end of prologue) “ldr r2, .LCPI0_0”

  • What considerations will be made from llvm side to make abi compatibile with gcc/other compilers for arm - struct byval size >64 bytes.


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Hi Rajesh,

I’m in some stage of looking what exactly happens. As Manman mentioned
r0 is reserved for function return. Though, perhaps somewhere we didn’t
catch that…

Would you tell me, please, your llvm revision number?


Manman Ren wrote: