ARM: unresolvable R_ARM_PLT32 relocation


while working on GHC/ARM port using LLVM I'm attempting to compile GHC with shared libraries support. Thanks to LLVM backend this should be nearly done except few hacks here and there for ARM platform (inside GHC source code).

Everything kind of works, stage1 compiler is happily compiling haskell shared libraries and also stage2 compiler. The problem is while linking together stage2 compiler shared library. The linker complains about unresolvable R_ARM_PLT32 relocation, exactly this way:

/usr/bin/ld: compiler/stage2/build/SPARC/CodeGen/Gen32.dyn_o(.text+0x356c): unresolvable R_ARM_PLT32 relocation against symbol `integerzmgmp_GHCziIntegerziType_ltInteger_info'

All code is compiled with llc's -mattr=v7,vfp3 options. My question is if for example -code-model=large llc's option might help in this case or not. If the option will not help, then is there any other option or way which may help with this?

I'm asking since usually response time on this list is very quick especially in comparison with ARM build of GHC which takes hours and hours otherwise I would just give that a try...

Thanks a lot!