ARMv2/3 tests

Hi Logan,

There are some tests in the MC/ARM directory that seem suspicious:

They expect "armv2" and "armv3" to have an "ARM v4" tag, which is wrong.

I know GCC does that, but I don't think we should. Given that this
will probably never happen in LLVM, I think we can safely take the
correct approach and ignore GCC.

Any other reason why you added those tests?


Hi Logan,

FYI, I spoke with Saleem on IRC, and we agree that this should be
pre-v4. We don't expect any issues to come, so we should worry about
them if there are any.


Hi Renato and Saleem,

Thanks for letting me know about this. Sounds good to me.

For the llvmdev mailing list reader’s reference, here’s the ARM specification on the Tag_CPU_arch: