asan over WSL

Hello Devs,

This question is regarding compiler-rt asan , I’m constantly getting following error PROMPT>./t.out
==7499==Sanitizer CHECK failed: /mnt/c/Users/sumit/Documents/GitHub/llvm-clean-branch/llvm/projects/compiler-rt/lib/sanitizer_common/ ((IsOneOf(*data_.current, ‘s’, ‘p’))) != (0) (0, 0)

I’m running this over Windows10 Subsystem for Linux,
WSL is somehow not having right permission character as desired by sanitizer in the /proc/self/maps file

Is there any way to get around this issue.


This bug is already tracked:

Instead of the procmap entries s(hared) or p(rivate), WLS has a dash.
asan actually never uses this information and can easily be patched
out. However, this does not make asan usable because WSL is too slow
to allocate large amounts of virtual memory to do anything practical.
This is something for Microsoft to solver, although I think it is just
as slow using the Win32 API and asan is working around it somehow.